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How Much is it?

If you book a band for your engagement you should know two things, who the band is, and how much you're to pay them. Believe it or not you'd be surprised to know how many don't know this bit of information...especially the latter. I'll blame it on the alcohol or whatever else... :-)

What should you do if you get overpaid? I know...If underpaid make the correction immediately and if overpaid, assume it's a tip or gratuity. Or maybe it's the alcohol. The smart thing to do is tell them it's too much or wait to see if they catch their misguided generosity or say "Is this a tip?" Always be prepared to return any money not intended for you though....It really may be the alcohol. I find the aforementioned a little much sometimes especially if you've had a hard time trying to get your money in the first place. You shouldn't have to chase folks around or run them down to get paid. I know things get crazy on those special days and it's easy to forget what your priorities are. I used to practice getting the money first as soon as I arrive on site. I think I'm going back to that practice. You hate to be/seem asinine about money but business is business...So from now on Get that check book out or the cash ready when you see me coming....and it's in the contract that way. GO figure....IJS seriously people :-)

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