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To MC or Not to MC

Updated: May 18, 2019

Klaxton Brown is a wedding band that has performed every weekend somewhere in America. The problem I've run into lately is that more and more Brides seem to get very upset about something minor the band did or didn't do or say during the reception. It's pretty common that names are mispronounced or omitted entirely or a song is out of place but is it enough to write off the whole reception? I've decided to use a disclaimer when performing weddings from now on. We're professional musicians not MC's. If you want a MC use a family member or a friend. Plus isn't that what you have a wedding coordinator for? It's never about the music, which is the sole reason the band is there in the first place. The guest be like ("It's Party Time") they all have a great time. I sometimes wonder if something like this upsets you, what's going to happen when you're confronted with a real problem in your life? As newlyweds Those days are going to surely come so get ready. In spite of myself I always wish the newlyweds the very best and Thank them for choosing us. As someone who has been married for 35 years I know a little about how to weather the storms. So my advice is to not be too serious about mistakes people make when trying to make you happy. Learn how to let it go. Oh... just keep on keepin on. It's going to be all right.

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