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Where's the food?

Here we go again. Being in a band that travels all over you get the chance to meet a lot of different people and eat a lot of food. About that food....Being a former Executive Chef I'm really hard on food, how it's prepared, presented and served. I don't eat most of the time but I'll fight hard to make sure the band eats. This is probably a bad habit. But...then again...My problem is when you travel a long distance to gig the last thing you want is to eat late. Some people have absolutely no consideration for the band. You have a room full of people and you have one and half hours to eat but you insist the band eats last. Now that has to be some craziness right there...Then you want the band to run up on stage an play. You didn't have anything ready, plates, napkins, soft drinks, water, table or What are you thinking about.....

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